White Light Protection Prayer

Have you had your dose of White Light today?

white light prayer of protection

It is of the utmost importance to surround  yourself with energetic protection each day. Your energy will be a brilliant, sparkling mass of beautiful white light when you do. When you ask for protection from the Angelic realms, you immediately become a magnet for magnificent things.

The following white light protection prayer should be said out loud, in a commanding voice two times a day – once upon wakening and once right before you go to sleep.

Note: If you are not comfortable calling on the Archangels, you can ask for the aid of any Angel, Saint, Ascended Master, or Deity that resonates with you. You can try calling in new Angels or Guides each day to find what works best for you!

“I call on the Archangels and my Guides of 100% white light to remove all my negative earthbound attachments, all negative influences upon me, any dark entities, dark shields, dark energies, dark devices and dark connections from my mind, my body, my spirit, my aura, my soul and my silver cord.

Please remove these from my house, my yard, my neighborhood, my place of work, my car, my friends, my children, my family, my pets, my world and dimension, and everything in them for infinity.

I ask the Archangels and my guides to locate and bring back any soul fragments I have left in any place and in any person. Please cleanse, heal and integrate them back into my soul.

Please  surround me, fill me and shield me with the magnificent White Light of the Divine. Place a column of sparkling, angelic and vibrant Divine White Light above my head that fills my entire body and being which cleanses and heals  every cell, and every organ of my body, mind and soul.

Please place a shield of Divine White Light with reflective spiritual mirrors facing OUTward all around me in every direction and dimension.  (This shield reflects back any negativity, negative energy, thoughts, curses or darkness aimed at you. This mirror bounces  any negativity right back to the sender, which is instant Karma.)  I ask that only love and light be able to penetrate this shield and enter my force field.

This reflective shield of Divine White Light fills, cleanses and protects my house, my yard, my neighborhood, my car, my place of business, my children, my pets, my friends, my neighbors, my town, my state, my world and deflects any negative energy sent my way and sends it straight back to the sender.

I ask the Archangels and my guides of 100% white light to stay on guard around me, to protect me, my children, my family and my pets at all times and in all dimensions for as long as I exist.

Thank You Archangels and Guides for protecting me! And so it is.”


You may also use this Morning Prayer of Protection

white light protection

I ask the Archangels and my Guides of 100% white light to surround me in a seamless bubble of Divine White Light so this bubble protects me throughout my day and only allows the  Energy that is for my soul’s highest and best good to come through. May everything that I say and do come from unconditional love. So be it, it is done. Thank you.


Evening Prayer of Releasement

I ask the Archangels and my Guides of 100% white light to remove and release any and all toxic, negative or unhealthy energy that is attached or inside of me and to remove it from my body immediately and return it to where it came.  Please replace it with with the sparkling, vibrant White Light of the Divine.  Thank You.

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  1. I’m seeking similar or like minds near my location. since waking up at age three & a half, experiencing Psychic naturally & rejected of it, I’ve experienced many situations. I stumbled across this blessing which I need in my current transition . perhaps there are some who clicks with my statement as I’d love to hear from you. Peace to all & wishing you well.

  2. I say your beautiful prayers and thank you. Could you please email me your blessed Protection White LIGHT prayer. I am 85 years old and have been getting treatments for Lymphoma for nine years and your blessed prayers help so much. May God,Mother Mary and the Angels Bless you.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful prayer . I say it every morning and evening with my family . My younger sons sees things around him and saying this prayer makes him feel better .

  4. I was looking up the meaning of my first name which one of the meanings means ‘divine protection’ , and I came across this. I have to say tho I’m not over religious I like to think I’m quite a spiritual person. After reading yours prayers and immediately felt better like a negative around me has lifted and that the benevolence in my life is gaining momentum again. Even my cat seemed happier. Thank you very much for these words and will be repeating them twice daily from now on.
    If I also could please have them emailed to my address if at all possible. Thank you.

  5. O jesus who has said ask & you sjall receive seek & you shall find knock &it shal be opened to you through intercession of mary your most holy mother I knock I seek I ask that my prayer be granted (make request)o jesus who said all that you ask of the father in mu name he will grant youthrough the intercession of mary your most holy mother I humbly & urgently ask you father in your name that my prayer be granted (make request) o jesus who has said heaven & earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass through the intercession of mary your most holy mother I feel confident that my prayer will be granted(state request). Divine infant jesus i know you love me &woulf never leave me I thank you for your close presemcr im mu life,miraculous infant I beleive in your promise of peace blessings & freedom from want I place every need & care in your hands lord jesus may I always trust in your gemerous mercy &love I wanto honour & praise you now & forever Amem say 9 ti

  6. Love and light to you, such a beautiful divine act of blessings you have bestowed upon all who access your website by sharing these beautiful prayers xx.

    1. Nikki, I say your prayers out loud daily. Good things are happening at work. God bless! God our divine creator is manifesting. I love your prayers and sharing with others. xoxo

  7. Hi Nikki,
    Am from Tanzania,Africa,
    your evening realisement prayer and morning & evening prayer of protection it real works,because it removes some strange poisons and evil sickness in my body and soul.
    After praying i doesn’t hear some evil voices………from witches.
    Thanx you and God bless you!

  8. Hi nikki, thank you for the prayers can you email them and the clearing prayer to me so I can print them out

  9. Hi thank you so much for. These prayers I have been feeling very low and a lot a negativity lately soon as I said this o feel calm can you send them to my email please x

  10. Hi Nikki,

    Can you please send me a copy of all 3 prayers. I want to print them out so that i can have them in my cars and home. I bless houses with sage and use this white light protection prayer as I’m blessing the home and the people.

    I see spirits and their auras all the time. Sometimes the negative one freak me out and I immediately say the prayer. Thanks.

  11. Wow, just the right words to say in honour of the Archangels upon waking up and before bedtime. God bless you Nikki. Please can I have a copy as well. Thank you.

  12. Thank you. I’m feeling a sense of peace of mind after saying the prayer it has really helped in stabilising my energies in my home environment!

  13. Good day Nicci

    Thank you for this powerful prayer, may i have a copy of the this prayer.


  14. Thank you. Your protection prayer has removed the bad spirit sounds I hear when trying to communicate with spirit. Bless you.

  15. Please, in fact, I have been strike down with some strange evil sickness which does not allow me to have peace of mind. This started by generatin’ heat in the body and moving to the every part of the body. Please, it was mysterious, and I need a very strong healing and protection from because am sufferin’. Deliver me with your prayers.

  16. Hi Nikki, I’m so grateful and thankful for coming across your site please email me the prayers for me and my family need help.
    Thank You thank you thank you
    Much love and light to you today

  17. I would like All the prayers, my daughter has a toddler whom she needs to put first. My daughter is influenced by the wrong people in her life.

  18. Hi Nikki
    Thank you for these powerful prayers. They have really helped me advance in life. Please email me the White light protection prayer and karma cleansing as well. Thank you and sending you lots of love and light.

  19. Hi Nikki,

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful prayer. Can i bother you to email me a pdf of this prayer? Thank you so much and blessings to you.


  20. Hi Nikki please email me prayers including the ones that can help me claim back what s mine and the devil has stolen as well as prayers to expose all enemies in my life. God bless you so much

  21. I believe Angels are all all around me protecting me and sending me wonderful messages of love!

  22. Hello Nikki,
    I am so delighted and thankful to be guided to your website. To say thankyou for posting all these prayers does not begin to express how i feel about them. They are just so well placed. Would it be okay for you to email to me the white light prayer and the karma clearing prayer. Blessings to you Nikki. Light and love. Mjaltë.

      1. I read your prayers daily and God remove me from a job where my coworkers did nothing but curse others. Would you be so kind to email me all the prayers you have available, I am sharing with my friends your web site and prayers. Thanks so much and God bless you!

  23. Thanks for this powerful prayer, I love it a lot, please send me that prayer in my email address. I love u indeed.

    1. You have inspired me, please send me those powerful prayers. Can you email me your contact information?

  24. Hi Nikki,
    thank you for posting this prayers can you send me a prayer for protection and take away from evils in our daily lives…

  25. Hi Nikki,
    thank you for posting this prayers can you send me a prayer for protection and take away from evils in our daily lives…

  26. Hi, will you also email me these prayers. I believe in angels and I know prayer is very important. I had been searching for a prayer for protection using white light and how it should be prayed.

  27. Thank You Nikki for the prayers, Could you send all 3 of them to my email so I can print them out…. Also can I ask that my boyfriend be protected also when I say these prayers.
    Blessings XOXOXO

  28. Thanks for the prayers,i love them so much,the only problem am having is that my faith is week,pls is there anyway you can help me?maybe send me prayers that can increase them.thanks alot

  29. I don’t go one day without saying this prayer, could you please send me a PDF so I can print it and have it on me at all time, thank you xox

  30. hi Nikki, thank you for posting this prayer. i feel better after saying it. may i have a pdf so i can start the day with it – recalling soul fragments + asking for integration makes so much sense! Love + light to you Willow

  31. God bless you for sharing ,I simply live your articles as I want to know more how to interact more with angels , can you share some advise

    1. I hope you get everything your pure heart needs to fullfill your lifes purpose, I know dont let life bring you down.

  32. Hello! I was just searching for a protection prayer and I came across yours. I was wondering if you could be so kind to send a copy, because I printed it and it did not come out right. Thank you very much for any help you can provide! Thank you so much for such an amazing prayer. It is what I desperately need and my family and I will do this prayer each day, thanks to you! :)))))

  33. Hello, I have just seen your website today and kindly ask would you please forward this particular prayer and article to me? My spirituality and energy has been quite depleted of late by 2 family members and I really feel the need for this prayer and release. My husband (since Saturday 25th Oct 14) believes ‘something’ as it were but, myself, my son, his wife and my son’s father are very spritiual people. I feel vulnerable of late with family members causing many problems. I have long loved and adored angels and anything angelic, the light of protection and such. Thank you x

  34. Loved this prayer specially the integration of soul fragments.

    Can I have all 3 prayers emailef. Thanks be blessed by the divine.

  35. Hello,
    Thank you so much for posting this. I was wondering if I could print this out anyway? I would love to have it in my room and car when I feel it is needed.

    Thank you!

      1. Hello Nikki,
        My Wife sent me link to Your White Light Protection Prayer.
        Would You please send all 3 prayers to Me so that I can print them out?
        Thank You very Much

        I really helped Me out…

  36. I am a 73 year old grandmother and great grandmother who adores your prayers. Is there any way I can print out these prayers for my use only. Thank you very much

  37. Wow, thank you! This was amazing for me. I had my dose of White Light today and will give myself a daily dose! Blessings! xoxo!

  38. Would just like to say thank you…..ive always believed in angels but never how to connect with them or what to say….these prayers are really helpful xoxox

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