White Light Protection Prayer

Have you had your dose of White Light today?

white light prayer of protection

It is of the utmost importance to surround  yourself with energetic protection each day. Your energy will be a brilliant, sparkling mass of beautiful white light when you do. When you ask for protection from the Angelic realms, you immediately become a magnet for magnificent things.

The following white light protection prayer should be said out loud, in a commanding voice two times a day – once upon wakening and once right before you go to sleep.

Note: If you are not comfortable calling on the Archangels, you can ask for the aid of any Angel, Saint, Ascended Master, or Deity that resonates with you. You can try calling in new Angels or Guides each day to find what works best for you!

“I call on the Archangels and my Guides of 100% white light to remove all my negative earthbound attachments, all negative influences upon me, any dark entities, dark shields, dark energies, dark devices and dark connections from my mind, my body, my spirit, my aura, my soul and my silver cord.

Please remove these from my house, my yard, my neighborhood, my place of work, my car, my friends, my children, my family, my pets, my world and dimension, and everything in them for infinity.

I ask the Archangels and my guides to locate and bring back any soul fragments I have left in any place and in any person. Please cleanse, heal and integrate them back into my soul.

Please  surround me, fill me and shield me with the magnificent White Light of the Divine. Place a column of sparkling, angelic and vibrant Divine White Light above my head that fills my entire body and being which cleanses and heals  every cell, and every organ of my body, mind and soul.

Please place a shield of Divine White Light with reflective spiritual mirrors facing OUTward all around me in every direction and dimension.  (This shield reflects back any negativity, negative energy, thoughts, curses or darkness aimed at you. This mirror bounces  any negativity right back to the sender, which is instant Karma.)  I ask that only love and light be able to penetrate this shield and enter my force field.

This reflective shield of Divine White Light fills, cleanses and protects my house, my yard, my neighborhood, my car, my place of business, my children, my pets, my friends, my neighbors, my town, my state, my world and deflects any negative energy sent my way and sends it straight back to the sender.

I ask the Archangels and my guides of 100% white light to stay on guard around me, to protect me, my children, my family and my pets at all times and in all dimensions for as long as I exist.

Thank You Archangels and Guides for protecting me! And so it is.”


You may also use this Morning Prayer of Protection

white light protection

I ask the Archangels and my Guides of 100% white light to surround me in a seamless bubble of Divine White Light so this bubble protects me throughout my day and only allows the  Energy that is for my soul’s highest and best good to come through. May everything that I say and do come from unconditional love. So be it, it is done. Thank you.


Evening Prayer of Releasement

I ask the Archangels and my Guides of 100% white light to remove and release any and all toxic, negative or unhealthy energy that is attached or inside of me and to remove it from my body immediately and return it to where it came.  Please replace it with with the sparkling, vibrant White Light of the Divine.  Thank You.


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