Intuitive, Teacher and Consultant.  
Reiki Master.  Certified Hypnotherapist. Certified Feng Shui Consultant.  Located in Phoenix, AZ 

nik11Hi and Welcome!  I am thrilled to work with the future stars of their universes and creative spirits around the world who I will have the pleasure of meeting either in person, via email or on the phone thanks to the magic of the Internet.

I invite you to co-create a new paradigm where you learn to invite good things, people and situations into your life that will make your life the magical experience it can be!

Below are a list of my services.  Have a look around and feel free to contact me with any questions.  The contact form is also at the very bottom of the page.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Tools-For-Transformationjust when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly

    1. Weight Loss
    2. Stop Smoking
    3. Manifest your Soulmate
    4. Forward Life Progression – Meet Your Future Self
    5. Heal A Broken Heart
    6. Heal From Divorce
    7. Healing Temple
    8. Activate Your Psychic Abilities and Pineal Gland
    9. Meet Your Spirit Guides / Angels
    10. Discover Your Life Purpose
    11. Chakra Clearing, Balancing and Activation
    12. Spirit Removal / Entity Removal / Spirit Releasement
    13. Discover Your Soul Contracts  
    14. Clear Your Soul Contracts 
    15. Clear Blocks to Money and attract Prosperity
    16. Clear Blocks to Love
    17. Connect with Your Soul Mate to find out where he or she is and to see the timeframe he or she will be stepping into your life.
    18. Manifest Your Hearts Desire
    19. Future Self Visioning
    20. Tap into your Creative Self
    21. Get answers to any question in your life
    22. Heal a Broken Heart
    23. Take your Power Back
    24. Create Abundance
    25. Eliminate the fear of rejection, abandonment, and hurt. At some point in our lives, all of us have experienced these painful feelings.  If you are deeply imprinted with these fears, you will attract to yourself again and again exactly what you fear.
    26. Eliminate beliefs that no longer serve you, and imprint empowering, effective ones. Your inner world or beliefs are reflected back to you as your experience in the outer world. As I work with you, your limiting beliefs will vanish and they will be replaced with empowering ones that make manifest before your eyes the reality you seek.
    27. Be imprinted on a DNA level (both physical and etheric) that you’re worthy and deserving of love, respect, and so much more. Many of us believe we are unworthy and undeserving of love and respect.  In our session we will empower you to love, accept, and respect yourself. This process attracts people to you who love and respect you.

      1. Clear It! – Space Clearing for Home: $90 – $350
      2. Clear It! – Space Clearing for Business: $90 – $350
      3. Clear It!- Space Clearing for Property: $90 – $350
      4. Help Me St. Joesph! (Sell Your House Session): $90 – includes materials.
      5. Get Rid of It! Clutter Clearing – 4 Hour Session: $299
      6. Get Rid Of It! Clutter Clearing – 2 Hour Session: $199
      7. Release Me! Private Sacred Fire Releasement Ceremony: $100 – materials included.
      8. Release Me! Group Sacred Fire Releasement Ceremony: $200 – up to 20 people.  Materials included.
      9. Come To Me! Private Sacred Fire Manifesting Ceremony: $100 – includes materials.
      10. Come To Me! Group Sacred Fire Manifesting Ceremony: $200 -up to 20 people includes materials.
      11. Goodbye To You! Spirit, Ghost and Entity Removal: $150 – includes clearing and blessing and spirit box session.
      12. Make Me Over! Complete Feng Shui Makeover: $150
      13. Bless Me! House and Land Blessing: $90

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Transformational Services Explained:



Space Clearing

Long distance or on-site locally (Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas).  Residential and Commercial Properties. Nikki is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant through Lisa Montgomery.

House & Space Clearings can help rid your home or office of varying levels of unpleasantness. Have you ever walked into a home or office and felt like it was cold or unwelcoming? Or entered another place and felt instantly at ease or peaceful regardless of the temperature or aesthetics. 

Space Clearing Ceremonies are ideal when you experience any kind of emotional drama in your life, (sickness, divorce, death, emotional abuse, depression, hopelessness, moving or a career change), or when you feel challenged in a particular area of your life (love, finances, health, etc).  This space clearing session involves smudging (sage and then sweet grass), and the use of various techniques such as clapping and belling, along with custom prayers and affirmations and intentions.  Also, with your permission, as part of the ceremony, whether done remotely or in person, I end the ceremony by asking the grandfather spirits and angel of 100% pure white light and love to reside over the home and protect you and your family members.


Space Clearing Ceremony is particularly helpful:

  • Overcoming bad luck from robbery, bankruptcy, or business failure
  • Buying, selling or moing into a new home
  • Following arguments
  • During or after a divorce
  • Depression
  • For feeling hopeless
  • Releasing
  • Forgivemess
  • Before or after bringing a new baby home
  • After an illness in the home
  • When you are having trouble manifesting something
  • For Business Owners, Companies and Corporations to increase the flow of money and sales in your business
  • If you are feeling off
  • To remove obstacles to  love, romance and passion
  • To remove obstacles to financial prosperity, and abundance
  • For Realtors to increase rentals and sales.
  • Whatever the reason, Amazing Shifts will take place!


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Real Estate Space Clearing Services

If you are having trouble selling or renting a property, it is recommended to have a space clearing and then a blessing. I will work with agents or homeowners to clear negative energies or blocks to selling the home and bring your space back into the light to attract buyers. Long distance or on-site locally (Phoenix).

Business Space Clearing and Rejuvination

This service is excellent to help new businesses start fresh or current businesses rejuvenate their flow. We will clear the energy, not just of the office, but the business as a whole. Healing and uplifting the office space, the people, relationships, fears, and doubts can help you to change the dynamics of your work.

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Land Blessings

In the shamanic way of living, buildings and land have energy fields and spirits.  They can be injured by the actions of people who live, work or are involved in significant events there.  When injured, buildings and land may store negative energies and trauma that affect those who move or work there later.  Working with the energies of the environment can restore well-being and balance at all levels.  I recommend this work for you if you are:

  • A new homeowner
  • Starting anything new (a new business, having a new baby, getting married, etc.)
  • Trying to sell your home
  • Experiencing negative energy or something that “just doesn’t feel right” in your home or workplace
  • Aware of a history of tragedy or violence where you live or work

Services provided on location. 


Meet Your Spirit Guides

Do you feel lost, have trouble making decisions, or just want to feel like you are making choices through divine guidance? Your spirit guides can help.  Learn More »


Rituals and Ceremonies

There are times in our lives when we need to ask for recognition, help, and support from the spirits in a formal and focused way – in times of transition, stress, rebirth, etc –  things like birth,  commitment to a loving relationship with a partner or spouse, divorce and death are just a few.  We may be ready to let go of a relationship or way of living that no longer serves us so that we can open up space in our lives and energy fields for new connections.  We may want to make a formal commitment to the path that is our heart’s calling or celebrate new gifts that are coming to us.

Ritual and ceremony are powerful ways to work with spirits and ancestors, individually or in groups.   Sometimes the need for a ceremony or ritual becomes clear during other work with a client  and sometimes a person already has a ceremony or ritual in mind. The work can be done collaboratively or I can receive guidance individually on how to do the ritual or ceremony in the highest way possible for the highest good and in the most joyous way.

One of my popular ceremonies is the Sacred Fire Releasement Ceremony (letting something go).  Read more about it here »

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact me at (602) 525-4805 or


$90 per hour~ Hypnotherapy Sessions

ABNLP-SealNikki Boruch is a Certified Hypnotherapist through the American Board of Hypnotherapy and received her credentials through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Pick the perfect session for you or give me a call and I will help you select what will be best to help with your presenting problem.  In Person (Phoenix, AZ or surrounding areas only) or Long Distance.  Almost any problem can be addressed.  Long Distance Sessions are held over the phone or Skype.  I will interview you before we schedule your hypnotherapy session so we can tailor your session to fit your most urgent need or desire.

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$90 Per Hour~ Feng Shui Makeover

Long distance or on-site locally (Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas).  Residential and Commercial Properties. Nikki is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant through Lisa Montgomery.

As a tiny pebble sends ripples across the surface of a still lake, a feng shui consultation can cause a ripple effect in your life and be a catalyst for astounding things to happen.

A Feng Shui consultatiton involves an intuitive, aesthetic adjustment of visible and invisible objects or factors, realigning all dimensions of the environment into a balanced, harmonious state. Simple adjustments and powerful solutions with a Feng Shui Consultation can absolutely transform your life & empower your environment.

Nikki combines various methods in her Feng Shui consultations. Expect the unexpected is what she likes to say. There may be psychic and intuitive questions and suggestions, life coaching, guided meditations, energy readings, music, bells, drums, clapping, chanting, prayers, flowers, sage, feathers, affirmations and homework!  Don’t be surprised if a spirit or your guide stops to say hello.

Nikki’s mission is to facilitate the healing of a person’s inner and outer worlds to bring about an overflowing of blessings into one’s life.


Schedule a Feng Shui Makeover to:

  • Become a Money Magnet
  • Attract A Romantic Relationship
  • Attract Passionate Love
  • Strenghten an Existing Relationship
  • Find a New Job
  • Find a New Career
  • Gain Fame and Recognition
  • Create Greater Wealth
  • Find a Better Paying Job
  • Own a Successful Business
  • Manifest Abundance
  • Live Your True Life Purpose
  • Attract Customers
  • All problems can be improved with a Feng Shui Consultation! Feng Shui can be employed in a home, a condo, an apartment, a home office, office building, a property, land, retail location, on a street, and within a neighborhood.  You can also scale down many of these principles to apply feng shui to a single room, and even a desk.


All Feng Shui Makeovers Include:

  • In depth interview to address your concerns
  • Complete walk through of your “space” (in person or virtually)
  • Feng Shui Cures
  • Transcendental Cures including the Three Secrets Reinforcement
  • Unlimited Follow Ups via email


What is involved in a makeover?  A typical Feng Shui makeover involves three steps:

  • We will meet in person or on the phone for 20-30 minutes to discuss your needs. You can ask questions and raise any concerns you may have about your home or business, or property. We will set clear goals at this time
  • I come to your home or property or you send me digital pictures of your home or property for the Feng Shui assessment. This involves looking through your home with the bagua in mind. We look at the current layout of your space, look at furniture and pieces of artwork, and move them to utilize the elements more efficiently. It is not necessary to go out and purchase new furniture to get results from Feng Shui although you may be asked to get rid of a thing or two if it is not in line with your goals.
  • You may follow up with questions at any time. For a business (office, retail space, restaurant, health care facility,etc), I prepare a written document summarizing the consultation. This includes suggestions for each area, and a summary of the overall space. You will receive this summary and suggestions within a week of your consultation.

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Sacred Fire Ceremony – Releasement and Blessing Cermonies

Consultation fee for both group and private releasement ceremony in your home or at chosen location:  $200 for 1 – 10 people – $20 per additional person (includes ceremonial materials including joss papers) The ceremony itself lasts 1 hour.  There is prep work involved and materials will be provided.

This is one of the most fun ceremonies.  It’s all about letting go of what you’ve outgrown – especially old romantic attachments and relationships, unfulfilled dreams, old intentions, old beliefs, and old patterns.  Releasing is an essential part of growth and healing and is a step to bringing in what you do want!  You are making room for new and good blessings and fortune into your life.
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Clutter Clearing Session

Getting rid of clutter is one of the keys to feng shui.  In order for beautiful, fresh and new things to enter your life, you need to get rid of the old things which no longer serve you.

As a client, you are involved in this process.  This type of consultation is focused on relasing, clearing and literally throwing things away.

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I look forward to working with you!

xoxo, Nikki




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