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I have witnessed countless instances of the power of prayer to the spiritual realm to obtain a desired result or effect.   I regularly dress, bless and light angelic candles with prayers and petitions for those seeking assistance from angels and the spirit realm.  My candle altar service is a powerful but cost-effective way to get what you desire with the assistance of the Angels.  


With this  Spiritual Angelic Candle Altar Service – Prayer Vigil,  I will dress, fix ,bless for your intention, pray over, and set lights for you in your name and leave them burning on my sacred altar.

1.  I dress the candles with the appropriate natural herbs and oils according to your request.
2.   I affix your petition and picture to the candle, and then pray over the candle on your behalf.  Prayers, chants and the reciting of your request is done daily and the candle is allowed to burn down where it’s been “set.”  I also use crystals to enhance the petition.
3.  I email you a Candle Burn Report after the light is finished which gives you an interpretation (most likely outcome) of your request.  The interpretation of the outcome is based on the ancient art of candle divination by wax, or ceromancy.  I interpret for clients by the way the candles burn (fast, slow, light goes out, wick splits, etc),  and how the spent vigil glass appears during and after the candle burning (black soot, wax left on glass, etc).
4.  I email you a picture of the Candle burning on my altar.
5.   I do a Candle Wax Reading for you based on our petition.  A candle wax reading is similar to reading tea leaves. Instead of reading symbols and messages formed by wet tea leaves inside your teacup, candle drippings formed in water are interpreted.
6.  I will email you a photo of the Candle Wax Dripping (can be in any shape, from an angel to a cloud to a snake to a heart, etc.)

The charge is $20 per candle and the glass encased vigil candles burn for around 120 hours. Setting Lights is a powerful form of prayer to ask for the assistance of the spiritual realm to help you achieve a desired result. It is sometimes called a candle vigil or a candle altar service.  






In order to set lights for you on my altar, I will need to know your name, the name of the person for whom the candle is being set (yourself or someone else), and your request regarding the situation. It helps me if you can also tell me the birth-dates of the parties involved and send a picture of the persons for whom the candles are being set.

Please enter your Petition or Prayer Request in the form below.  Prayer requests can be for just about anything except harm to another.



Simply fill out the form below and there is space to upload your photo(s).  Also please enter the birth dates of any involved in your petition.

 If you anticipate becoming a regular client, please let me know and I will keep your pictures on file for future Petitions. Once I have the pictures on file, you can request that I use them any time that you have a Petition to make on a pictured individual.



Once I receive your candle prayer vigil request, I will send you an invoice via PayPal.  Once payment is received, I will send you an email telling you when your Candle will be lit.  After the candle light is completed (usually 120 hours), I will email you a picture of your candle and send you a Candle Burn Report, detailing the signs left by the wax predicting the outcome of your request.  


Angel of Mercy for use in your darkest hour.  This angel is summoned to battle darkness.

Angel of Faithused to strengthen your faith.

Angel of Trustused when struggling to recover from a betrayal.

Angel of Healingused to provide temporary relief and/or to heal yourself or a loved one.  

Angel of Restitutionused to help recover from emotional trauma.  This angel will help you to resolve deep-seated issues.

Angel of Deliveranceprovides relief to someone who is going through an earthly judgement.  (Divorce, Job Loss, Etc.) Also helps free your soul from imprisonment of fear and anger and from the injury of deception.

Angel of Lightused to be bathed in restorative angelic light.  

Angel of Waterused to change the frequency of water you drink and bathe in, to make it cleansing and nourishing.  

Angel of Airused to cleanse negative vibrations passed on to you.  Give special, purifying energy.  Changes the frequency of air to promote harmony.

Angel of Purityused to rid ones-self of addiction and bad habits.

Angel of Fertilityused for aid in conception.

Angel of Birthused for health of mother and child during delivery.

Angel of Peace used to help heal mental distress and bring hope and positivity.

Angel of Beauty used to open you up to appreciate the beauty of life.  Shifts people’s mind-sets to recognize true beauty.  

Angel of Purpose used to find your purpose on Earth.

Angel of Knowledge – used to gain information, the right words or advice for yourself and you don’t know how to find it. 

Angel of Wisdom used for guidance when you’re about to make an important decision.

Angel of Awareness used to be more present, live more consciously, to be less judgmental and to open people’s minds.

Angel of Relationships used to mend problems in relationships.  

Angel of Dreams used to answer your questions in your dreams, to resolve emotional turmoil.  

Unknown Angels – used to summon a powerful group of angels that are not named who have the power for healing your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul – whatever your intention is.  

Archangel Chamuel Use this vigil with Archangel Chamuel if you are seeking your soulmate or if you want to enhance an existing relationship.
Chamuel will help you find your soulmate and assists with all relationship issues.  You can also upon Chamuel to help you with your divine mission.  Also ask Chamuel to facilitate personal relationships so that you enjoy peace and harmony in every area of your life.

Archangel Michael He provides protection, power and truth. He shields us from lower energies and assists in cutting any negative cords or attachments which may bind us to our past and thus prevent us moving forward in life. Commander-of-Chief of all angels, he leads his legions of light against negative energies. With his mighty sword he can cut cords and ties to things of a lower vibration and send it to the light to be transmuted.

 Archangel Gabriel Gabriel can help with conception.  Can also help with clarity and understanding. Gabriel illuminates our spiritual pathway and brings messages via dreams and divine revelation. He can also help you balance your life and clean your karma.

Archangel Jophiel Jophiel adds beauty in any area of your life including your thoughts, appearance, home and environment. Archangel Jophiel is also the patron angel of artist and can be invoked for creative pursuits of any kind.  Also assists in helping with passing an exam, if you need help with work or clarity to resolve a conflict.

Archangel Raphael –  Raphael provides healing, harmony and abundance. He is often referred to as Divine Physician and opens us up to both give and receive healing both physically and emiotionally. His energies soothe all physical senses, induce calmness and ease any feelings of restriction. He is the angel that heals our body, mind and spirit. Use this vigil in times of sickness. Also if you need to heal your soul of suffering or traumas.

Archangel Uriel Uriel is the Regent of the Sun and shines his light into the deepest recesses of our soul, helping us face and release our fears. Use this vigil to fulfill your destiny, get guidance on your dharma, boost courage and stamina, to empower you to discard outdated habits or belief systems, to establish peace and harmony where there is disagreement and discord, to bring brotherhood between people and to dispel discrimination.

Archangel Zadkiel Serves on the violet ray of transmutation and alchemy. He brings diplomacy and tolerance into our life, and helps us view others with forgiveness rather than judgement. Use this vigil in times of annoyance, pent up anger or frustration to transform this into higher, more positive energy. He frees your soul by allowing forgiveness and blocking past traumas. Use this vigil to clear your karma and bring positive energy.

QUAN YIN Quan Yin’s name means ‘She Who Hears the Cries of the World.’ She is known as the Chinese Goddess of Compassion because she renounced her entry to nirvana to stay and help those left behind. Quan Yin is often depicted sitting or standing on top of a lotus, the flower for spirituality, peace and purity. Use this vigil whenever you want to create a healing sanctuary of love, harmony and tranquility.

BUDDHA Buddha sat under a bodhi tree in deep meditation until he reached enlightenment. Use this vigil when you want to detach from the world to seek your own inner peace. This vigil brings a sense of calmness bringing spiritual growth and enlightenment.

LAKSHMI –   Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of good fortune, beauty and wealth. Often depicted sitting or standing on top of a lotus blossom and sprinkling gold coins of abundance. Use this vigil whenever you are seeking abundance and increase in your life.

MOTHER MARY –  Mother Mary loves you unconditionally. She is your mother and will never turn away from you. Even during your most challenging times, she watches over you keeping you safe. Use this vigil when you need her intervention for protection, guidance and Divine Grace.

JESUS CHRIST – Born in Bethlehem, Jesus Christ is believed to be the Messiah and the Son of God. He performed miracles, was a healer, a sage, a prophet, a philosopher, and a charismatic leader. “I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and say to you, do not fear; I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13. Use this vigil tocall upon Jesus to provide strength and comfort in times of need.

GANESH –  Ganesh, an elephant headed Hindu Deity, is the destroyer of obstacles and blockages. Whenever you are about to embark on an enterprise or project remember to use this vigil to help clear your path. Ganesh believes that all blockages are caused by negative thoughtforms, which are illusions and could easily be removed to make your path smooth.

Attraction To draw love, money, friends or anything you desire.

Blessings To bless yourself, others or those in need.

Clear Blocks To clear away blocks or obstacles in your path to your desire.

Come To Me To draw the person you desire closer to you in love, sex, and passion.

Healing To bring healing and comfort to those who are sick or suffering.

House Blessing To bless the home and family; often used when moving to a new home.

Love To draw love, soulmate, increase sexual passion, keep a couple close.

Lover Come Back!  – Used to draw back a lover or spouse and heal the relationship.

Luck For for luck in love, money or anything you desire.

Marriage – To attract a proposal of marriage.

Money To draw more money to you or to keep money.

Passion For passion to increase between you an the one you desire.

Prosperity For personal prosperity or in business to draw more customers and steady income.

Protection create a bubble of divine protection around yourself or others

Reconciliation To reconcile with the one you desire.  To forgive wrongs,  fights, and break-ups, to fall in love again.

Release perfect for help with releasing negativity, or negative emotional attachments from past relationships. It’s a great way to get over a break up, or to let go of bitterness from a bad relationship.

Road Opener Used when starting new projects, to clear away enemy blockages and old messes and to open your roads to opportunities and success in your desires.

St. Joseph used to petition this lovely saint for help with finding work, providing for the family, issues with getting a new home or selling property, or with help with family issues.

St. Anthony  – To find lost or stolen articles. Also Patron saint of the poor.

St. Barbara Patron saint of soldiers, fire fighters and those in dangerous professions.  She is called on for protection from violent and unpredictable death.

St. Claire patron saint of drug and alcohol abuse. Saint Claire, will give you the strength and assistance in overcoming vices so you can live a positive and healthy life.

St. Dymphna used for mental illness, depression, emotional disorders or nervous conditions.

St. Jude  For the helpless, hopeless and needy.

St. Peter For success, better business, strength and courage and good luck.

St. Philomena  patron saint of singles and single mothers, babies, teenagers and sterility.

St. Theresa also known as saint Teresa of little flower is the patron saint of love and popularity as symbolized with the bouquet of flowers in her image. Use this if you are in search of your soul mate.

Stay With Me To encourage fidelity, loyalty, and a long-term relationship without separations.

Success  For desired results when taking tests, seeking a job, playing sports, etc.  





Candle Vigil Petition Request Form

  • Please enter your Information including your Petition or Prayer Request in the proper fields below. There are options to upload photos from this form. Once this form is received, you will be sent an invoice via PayPal within 3 business days. If you are unable to upload photos on this form, please send a private email with your photos to Put "Photos for Candle Petition" in the subject line. Include in the email your full name. Thank you. Blessings!