Soul-Mate vs. Wound-Mate

Soul-Mate vs. Wound-Mate

cementshoesWe need our soulful connections.  Our soul’s connections unearth unsettled emotional material that each of us carries around like suitcases. The stronger the soul connection, the bigger the flashlight the other carries around,  shining its huge beaming light into those dark places of our own soul unearthing things we thought we had stored or thrown away. As hard as it is to take, all of our mates, including soul-mates and wound-mates, hold the keys to open the doors to our soul’s expansion and growth even though it may feel like our wound-mate has been the one to put us into our cement shoes that sink us to the bottom of a river.

The lessons are beautiful and tragic…sometimes both at the same time.

Your wound-mate mirrors your own wounds and supports your woundedness. When we meet someone who shares  a similar wound, we know they will understand us and be able to support us in ways that other people cannot.    Finding so much in common in similar wounding is a big, strong draw to each other.    The downfall is that neither of the parties in the wound-mate relationship can ever heal their wounds or each other because they are too busy reopening each other’s wounds.

A soul-mate however, helps you heal the wounds.  They are the ones that save you from those cement shoes.   They come in contracted, but unexpectedly.  When you reveal your wounds to your soul-mate, they don’t bond with you over the same wound but instead surprise you by tenderly patching them, giving you a different perspective, offering the torch to get yourself out of the tunnel of woundedness.

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