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It is in this mystical healing portal and sanctuary you can receive and send healing energies, blessings, miracles, and love. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and focus on your intention to receive or send certain energies and love. Simply put your hands out toward the screen and ask to receive what you desire.    I have asked the angels to infuse this mystical portal with healing energies – the energies of  healing, love, light, protection, purpose, joy, blessings, miracles, peace, health, prosperity and passion.  Please feel free to receive what you need, and do take a few moments to give back to the portal with your intentions of love and healing for all who stop here.


Let us all be beacons of light.


Mystical Healing Portal 1
Put your  hands out toward the screen.  Ask to receive what you need.  You can say something like, “My intention is to receive healing energy from this portal.”  Then visualize waves of love, healing, prosperity, joy, blessings, miracles (or whatever else you need assistance with) streaming toward you and into all your charka points – infusing you with the highest Divine and Angelic energies into every cell, organ, and space in your body and mind. As you do this, know that these energies are flowing into your heart as well and will give you a new life force.  Remember that hundreds of people around the world are sending energy into this portal right now and creating a grid of sparkling, vibrant light across the world which you can access at any time.


Mystical Healing Portal 2Put your hands facing the screen and imagine energy flowing through your body into the image and going to anyone who needs it.  You can also visualize waves of love and healing (and whatever other good things you would like to send) streaming from your heart through your hands into the portal and then into to the other people here that are asking for assistance or healing. (This process benefits you in addition to the other people that are  here and that will be here in the future. Remember that everything you give with an open and loving heart returns to you a million times over!
 For More Healing:
To Cleanse Yourself Of Negative Energy:  Imagine Yourself Here, being cleansed by nature’s rain.
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mystical healing portal