Muscle Testing Technique

Muscle Testing Technique

muscle testing technique higher-self-connectionMuscle testing (hypno-kinesiology)  allows you to uncover information on a subconscious level, connect to your subconscious beliefs and your higher self and gets you answers to your absolute truths, whether they be conscious or subconscious. (Not intended to replace medical diagnosis).

I prefer the standing sway muscle testing technique.  It is gentle, discreet and does not use machines.

With this muscle testing technique you can:

  • locate blocks to abundance
  • locate your self limiting beliefs
  • identify subconscious vows
  • identify subconscious contracts
  • identify subconscious promises
  • identify subconscious oaths
  • identify blocks to love
  • identify blocks to success
  • identify allergies
  • identify what foods to eat and not to eat
  • identify what supplements to take and what to eliminate
  • identify the root cause of any problem
  • get answers to difficult health questions
  • determine effects of products on your body
  • gauge your body’s reactions to various ideas and thoughts
  • the list is endless

How to perform the muscle testing technique:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing north, in a balanced, neutral position. Make sure you are standing very tall, with no bend in your knees and your head and shoulders held high but comfortable (no straining!).
  • To test, say “Show me YES” – you should feel yourself tilting forward. Next, rebalance yourself, and say “Show me NO” – you should feel yourself tilting backwards.

muscle testing technique how to

To reinforce your belief in this technique, say out loud “My name is (state real name).”  You should tilt forward.  Then say “My name is (state fake name).”  You should tilt backwards.

For example, if you get a divorce and you are struggling to find your next soulmate, you can use the muscle testing technique to see if your soul believes you are still married to them.

You can stand in the proper position and say out loud, “I am married to (state name of ex partner).”

If you receive a YES (usually a tilt forward), that means you need to cut energetic cords to that person.  You can learn how to cut energetic cords here.

Usually your soul will continue to honor a marriage long after a divorce.  This is the same for vows, oaths and promises made to other people consciously or subconsciously.

You can use this muscle testing technique for just about anything you can imagine.

If you have questions, please comment below.  

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