Make An Angels To Do List

how to make an angels to do listAn Angels “to do” list is a magical thing!

Do you realize you have many angels who are assigned to take care of you and there are many more “unemployed” angels just waiting to be put to work!

In the spirit world, angels are very diverse and they possess just as many (and more) talents and skills as we earthly beings do.

There are Angels of Romantic relationships, Angels of Marriage Proposals, Job finding angels, Employment Angels, Soulmate Angels, Healing Angels, Teacher Angels, Study Angels, Angels of Knowledge, Creative Idea Angels, Angels who oversee manners, Angels of Beauty, Math Angels, Science Angels, Angels of Inventions, Pet Angels, Guardian Angels, Nature Angels, Construction Angels, Philosophy Angels, Counseling Angels, Travel Angels, Angles of Adventures, Mending Angels, Designing Angels, House Finding Angels, House Selling Angels, Laughter Angels, and so much more. Anything you can think of, there’s an Angel out there to help you! All you need to do is ask them for assistance!

Don’t ever think your problem is too small call upon the Angels. They are honored help you in any area of your life! Dare to ask for simple to the profound….to the outrageous to the seemingly impossible!

To start utilizing the Angels and Unemployed Angels, start Asking! Ask with intention OUT LOUD.

You can write down a list of what you want then simply call on your Angels and ask them to help you with the things on your list. Use your list every single day and add to it, modify it and cross things off when they are manifest in your reality. Be sure to thank your Angels when they give you what you have asked for!

If you have trouble with talking to Angels you can’t physically see then sit in a chair and then put an empty chair in front of you facing you. Ask an Angel to sit down in the empty chair. Then ask more angels to surround you. Close your eyes and feel their presence and imagine and feel them listening intently to you. Then open your eyes and start asking them for assistance.

What would you like the experience of?

You can ask your angels to help you with simple things like finding a parking spot (I’m serious.)
You can ask them to bring you lots of new clients who are looking for what you are offering.
You can ask them to watch over your children and to bring them blessings and protection throughout the day.
You can ask them for the experience of a committed romantic relationship that lasts.
You can ask them for abundance, help with your garden to grow, help with cooking or creating a new recipe. You can ask them to help you find a new job, to lead you to your perfect partner or pet, to help you get a promotion or help you get along better with your boss. You can ask them for a free dinner, or to lead you to the people who need dinner.

You don’t need to word your requests any specific way. Just talk in your normal way in your normal voice. You can be silly or serious, it’s your choice. Remember, these are loving friends that you are talking to!

Try it, ask your angels to help you. I truly believe you will absolutely LOVE using an Angel to-do list and your angels will be thrilled to be helping you.

xoxo, Nikki

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