How To Cut Energetic Cords With Archangel Michael




This technique on How To Cut Energetic Cords (Etheric Cords) With Archangel Michael can be used for cutting negative cords and  ties with a friend, a negative person, a former romantic partner or anyone you feel you need to take your energy back from. When you enter a relationship with someone, your energetic systems become connected and create energetic cords.  The cords become strengthened when strong emotional, traumatic or painful events occur between the parties.

Energetic cords are also created through sex, through marriage vows, soul contracts, promises or oaths (spoken and unspoken). Your soul behaves as if these vows, contracts, promises and oaths are still valid.

For example, you get divorced and find it hard to find your next soul mate.    You can check in with your higher self to see if you are unconsciously still honoring those vows, contracts, promises  or oaths.  You can do this through muscle testing.  See instructions for muscle testing here.    If you find you are still honoring those vows, you need to cut energetic cords with that person. Everyone has the ability to cut energetic cords themselves.

Here’s the technique on cutting cords with Archangel Michael:

1. Think of the person whom you want to take your energy back from and cut cords with.

2. Close eyes and take 5 deep breaths into your stomach.

cut energetic cords with archangel michael

3. Call in Archangel Michael now:   say, “Archangel Michael, please come to me right now.  Bring back the part of myself that has merged with (name the person’s name).  Bring back my energy.   With your sword of light, please cut the cords between (say person’s name) and I.

Please remove from my energy and field anything that is not mine, not serving me, that is of (name of person) or that (name of person) has brought in with him/her, and completely remove that energy field out of my body, from my body, from my house, from my property, from my animals, from my kids, from my car, from my workplace and anywhere else it currently resides.

Fill my entire being with the Creator’s Love and Light, especially where the cords were cut.”

4. As Archangel Michael  gets rid of that energy that is not yours, he sends it back to the person you named with absolute core love.

5.  Give thanks and send out blessings to those involved, including yourself.

Let me know how this technique works for you by commenting below.  I think you may feel much lighter.  See what shows up in your life about 15 days after you cut the energetic cords with a particular person. You can do this technique as often as you like and with as many people as you like.

Have you had your Dose of White Light Today?  If not, you should use this White Light Protection Prayer at least once a day.

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  1. Nikki I have a deep connection with my daughter from a past life who is also in my life now. She is my sons ex girlfriend and although they have split 5 years ago I have not been able to truly let her go. In our past life together she passed at 15 from rheumatic fever. For obvious reasons she will never be able to be fully in my life now and it’s very painful for me. When I see her and we talk and she leaves to go back to where she lives I cry for days. It cripples me in my life now. I still want to be able to have a relationship with her I love her dearly as she does me but I can’t deal with this grief I feel. She is not overly close to her own family so I feel responsible for her in many ways. What can I do???

  2. I split with my ex back in June and started using this prayer very shortly after. My ex and I had an incredibly strong spiritual bond, and when we split I felt like I was suffering from my own grief; yet at the same time could pick up on his darker grieving energy from miles away. When I started using this prayer I started to notice that the feelings I was experiencing were my own again and that I could grieve and heal by myself. I continue to use it whenever I feel a little off.

  3. I am new to this sight but from what I see I love it already. I have a question though, Is it possible to cut the cords to your past if the person is passed? If so is there a certain prayer I should use to do this. Last night I attempted to cut the cords from a horrible past with my step father whom has passed. I immediately felt a form of release so to speak. This morning I feel calmness. Just not sure if this will work for the long term. Also I am wondering is it possible to cut the cords with a living person whom you still want to keep in contact with. This person is my step son and all though I love him dearly he drains me horrible. I have learned to shield myself from this. Just wondering if cutting the cords so to speak is a better option. Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to hearing and learning!!!!

    1. Yes, you can cut the cords with someone who has passed, in any dimension and all directions of time. You can certainly cut the cords with someone you still want to keep in contact with. You already have the intention to keep in contact and that’s all that is necessary to keep contact. Cutting the cords with someone who drains you is one of the best things you can do to take your energy back. You can also ask the angels to keep you in a bubble of protection allowing only love and good things to get in and out of the bubble:) blessings, Nikki

      1. Hi Nikki
        My name is Jaquieline. There’s a person from my past, he keeps appearing in my life, I have made the decision to cut all ties/cords with him permanently this time, everytime o this prayer/ritual I start crying and emotionally it hurts like hell, why is this happening to me because this is the choice made and will see it through. My intentions is clear and the will is there, but now I dream of him and can’t understand why this happening.

  4. Hello Nikki,
    I would want to know how to use this exercise in a healing session when you are giving healing to someone and wants to help him cut these cords. Do you ask the person to do the visualization process or I can myself ask help from Archangel Michael to cut the cords that do not serve his highest good.

  5. Hi Nikki!! I did the chord cutting prayer and thought of my significant other. I’ve allowed his issues to become mine and find myself constantly “doing” for him and neglecting everything about myself. I have become extremely angry with him and have told him to never contact me again. But all the while feeling hurt and alone because I’ve become accustomed to his presence. I didn’t feel anything at all when saying the prayer. Did I do something wrong or have the wrong intentions?

  6. I am so grateful to younassuming the muscle testing was so right. I went back to my ex..who is haunting me and others I felt in family were not good for me. I did at night the morning my body felt a weight had been lifted. 2 days later my breathing was really calm. I thank you and god bless you.

  7. Hi. I did this and as I called upon Archangel Micheal to help me, I felt a heaviness all over my body and I felt a bit of a strain in being ableto speak anything.
    Now I feel little warmth in my chest.
    Any thing you could tell me about why I felt all this?
    And Thank You for this guide. 🙂

  8. Hi nikki

    I have just preformed the cord cutting and hoping it will give me back my energy. Could you send me morning and evening prayer to assist in the cutting of this intense connection. Need my life back x

  9. Hi Nikki, Just wondering if it is safe for me to Cut cords with my current relationship. Basically we are two very intuitive people and such strong energy levels we constantly feel each and every single thing each other is feeling, It is actually draining and he can read me all the time and i feel as if i do not have my personal space or no longer rights to my own thoughts. Basically i just want to cut the cords so that we don’t over feel each other emotions at all times as it is becoming extremely draining and taking a huge toll on our relationship. Other than that our relationship is extremely wonderful, i could never see my self happier other than this beautiful soul.

    1. You can certainly try it but I would think you would need to set boundaries up for yourself. Ask your angels to put a shield around you to protect your thoughts, emotions and feelings from being accessed. Ask that only that which you wish to share is shared. I’d visualize a white bubble shield around you with mirrors facing out reflecting back what is sent to you. Use the intention that only love and loving things can come though. you can put your shield down at any time to access your partners emotions if you wish. Or you can visualize putting a hat or cap on when you want to shut your thoughts and emotions down from others. I believe this should help. Blessings, Nikki

  10. I like to cut cord between husband nd me . But he should finanicial support kids nd me even if he leaves me.will this help me. After cutting cord with husband will still he finanical support me. What should i do

    1. I would suggest cutting the cord once you are divorced and away from him. If you are still married and around one another, your energy is constantly intermingling.

  11. To start with I love your page. Can you please send me the cord cutting prayer and prayers for clearing and protection. I am really appreciate it thank you so much.

  12. Hi,

    Thank you for this prayer. I have a question. I have been doing this, but I feel resistance. I feel ok for a few minutes, but then I feel the reattaching really quick back. What does that mean? Can you please help?

  13. Hi Nikki

    please email me the cord cutting prayer, morning and evening prayer and any other prayers that you can share.

    Love & Light and Angel Blessings
    Earthangel Nish

  14. I just want to say thankyou so much Nikki i did this exercise and i have a question? once the cords have been cut the intense feeling I have is something ive never felt before its hard to discribe like a warm tingling feeling in areas of my body mainly my lower back and heart does this have a significant meaning? Is it normal or does everyone have their own reaction differently. I cried uncontrollably aswell a good release i feel. This warm sensation feeling lasts for quite some time. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated lots of love and light to everyone xoxo

    1. Hi Kate, everyone experiences what is right for them. What you’re feeling is the voids being filled with Divine Love and Light – the places you where you were attached the most are being healed. Blessings, Nikki

  15. Hi,
    Is it possible to cut the cords between my husband and other people. The other people are too disturbing that my husband does not have time with his children.
    Please advice.

    1. You can ask that the cords be cut in order to benefit your children. However, a soul level consent has to be given from your husband. Since we all have our own free will, journey’s and lessons, it is up to him as to whether they will actually be cut. You can ask the angels to help you in prayer though. Ask them to bring your husband’s focus back to his children. Blessings, Nikki

  16. Can u cut cord with your husband? I love my husband been with him for 10 years but I want to release all the past hurt we put each other thru.

  17. Dear Nikki

    Thanks for sharing this.. I did this ritual thinking about my ex. Now he never calls or sms. Infact slowly drifting away. But I am feeling guilty now… Honestly, he is losing his health and having terrible medical issues. I did the ritual since I was too depressed. Did I do something wrong? I am feeling way too guilty

    1. You did nothing wrong! You can only help yourself. You cannot harm another. Feels like he was taking some of your energy. You are not used to the feeling of the cords being cut yet. Give it time. Ask the angels to keep filling you with Divine Love. Blessings,Nikki

  18. It works fast…shall see what happens after 15 days but i have already had the people try to reconnect and i said no

  19. i have had cord cuttings in the past through various ways but this one is powerful, i cried all the way through it. i realize it takes some time to take effect (if i understood the 15 days) but i wonder, if one should or could do this repeatedly. i think that it’s possible to be re-connected (through communications, etc?) and while i also know that it’s not necessary to END a relationship just the negative energy connection, how can we avoid the reconnections? love your site and fb page and have been sharing it with so many friends.

    1. Hi Deb! You can certainly do this cord cutting repeatedly if you are called to do so. It has been my experience that you absolutely can become reconnected especially if there are negative emotions, high passion, abuse, volatility, etc… You can avoid the reconnection by disengaging in the negativity or negative patterns, by forgiving, by getting to the point where you are neutral about that person, by surrendering the relationship to God and the Angels, by focusing on the positive… and you can even ask the angels to form a protective shield around you to prohibit any reconnection of the energetic cords between you and the other person. You can also ask that the only thing that can pass through the protective shield is love. Blessings, Nikki

  20. I really love this post! I think is is such an important technique that people often are afraid of doing because they think it cuts all ties to that person. I want to let everyone know that this isn’t so. You can cut cords and still have a relationship with that person (like you mother or father) but the cord cutting takes away the negative energy between the two of you! I think it is amazing and thank you for sharing. Love and light.

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