Give Yourself An Energy Bath

energetic bathDid you know your body is vibrating at a particular frequency? For any illness or negative emotion, it must have an energetic counterpart in your energetic body. One of the ways to change your vibration is through gemstones or crystals. Gemstones and crystals all vibrate at different helpful frequencies and they match colors on the rainbow spectrum.

Everything in our world is affected by the energy around it. When you bring a gemstone or crystal into your energy field, you automatically start to vibrate at the helpful frequency of the gem or crystal, and then you will start to attract different things to you.

How to give yourself any energy bath:

Find any gem or crystal that you are attracted to (the thing you are attracted to has something you need. If you had that something already, you wouldn’t be attracted to it!) and simply run the gem or crystal over your energy field body. Or you can place the gem either on the top of your head or on your third eye for one minute. Sit still and feel the rush of the energy. If it feels good when you introduce it to your body, feel free to keep using it every day. Gems and crystals can be healing. Don’t forget to place the stones or crystals back in the sun for a few hours a week. Try out different gems and crystals and let the healing begin!

Put them in your pocket or wear them on you – this begins to raise your frequency. Bonus is weight loss! The higher your vibration, the higher your metabolism!

palm-lapisTry lapis to boost psychic development, which Edgar Cayce often recommended.  Very powerful stone.  Helps with acid reflux and migraines.


Other gemstones to boost your vibration:


hematiteCan be used to ground you, and if you carry it your pocket it absorbs all the negative energy that is projected toward you – it is a buffer between you and negativity.  The hematite will crack in two when it has absorbed all it can.  Get rid of it after it breaks – you need to get a new one – throw the old cracked hematite into your backyard into your bushes.  Since it is charged, it will help your plants and bushes grow.


amethystOpens intuition, helps to open 3rd eye, helps addictions.



citrineAttracts income, opens up chakras.



aventurineAttracts wealth, tends to alleviate aches and pains green stones in general brings healing to the body.


Rose Quartz

rosequartzOpens up your heart chakra – helps you give love and receive love.  While it’s doing that it can assist you with weight loss and removing wrinkles.



sodaliteHelps with thyroid conditions and hypoglycemia (per Edgar Cayce), balances sugars within the body.



fluorite-palmHelps to relieve allergies, helps with concentration and focus.



infinite-stone-2This is a type of serpentine found in a mine in Africa– absorbs negative energy, helps in healing.  Sometimes if you hold it, it may turn black.  (if you can’t find this stone, take an Epsom salt bath).



Bloodstone is good for overall healing. Reported to lose color as stone absorbs illness. Once it loses its color, replace it.

We find that the crystal and gemstone has a helpful influence if carried or worn about the body ; not as an omen not merely as a ‘good luck piece’ or good-luck charm’ , but rather the source of those vibrations that are needed as helpful influences for the entity , and are well to be kept close to the body.” (Edgar Cayce Reading 2285-1)