Odin Runes Free ReadingThe runes are the written letters that were used by the Norse and other Germanic peoples before the adoption of the Latin alphabet in the later Middle Ages. Runes are symbols of some of the most powerful forces in the cosmos. In fact, the word “rune” means “secret” or “mystery.” The letters called “runes” allow one to access, interact with, and influence the world-shaping forces they symbolize.

I have personally worked with the runes since 1990 when I picked up my first wooden set a at a festival in Tuscon, AZ.  The more I worked with the runes, the more magical my world became.

Before you cast the runes, think of a specific question or topic you would like guidance on and then press one of the buttons below to get your Free Rune Reading.


 Single Rune Cast:



Past Present Future (Three Rune Layout):



Expanded Celtic Cross (Twelve Rune Layout) Spread: