What messages do the Angels have for you today?….. Ask any question that you want to get insight on …. and shuffle the cards.  Choose your Angel cards and receive your free angel card reading!  Please come back and enjoy as often as you would like! Give Thanks For Unknown Blessings Already On Their Way!!  

NOTE:  MOBILE USERS:  This free angel card reading is not supported on mobile phones. Please come back and visit this page from a non-mobile device. Much Love!  ~Nikki


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Instructions for Free Online Angel Card Readings:

* Choose the Spread you would like by clicking directly on it. * Click on “Shuffle” as many times as you feel you need to. * Choose your angel cards by clicking on them. The angel cards will automatically turn over and go to their correct placements. * Click on the “Reading” button and enjoy your free online angel card reading!


Helpful Tips:

* The “Next” button will take you to the next card in the reading. * The “Previous” button will show your previous card. *The “New” button creates a new angel reading. * The “Cut” button deletes rid of the current reading.



angel-wings-1Angels are God’s messengers and heavenly helpers, and they are just waiting to give you messages. Since we have Earthly Free Will, the angels, guides and other spiritual beings are only allowed to help us if we ask. When you need assistance, all you have to do is ask and the angels will jump into action to help you! You can receive angelic guidance in any area of your life today.  For quick guidance,  use the below Free Angel Card Reading tool! For more in-depth guidance, schedule a personal reading.  With the assistance of the angels and my personal guides, I will pass on the messages your heavenly helpers have for you.  You can receive guidance, direction and answers to any question, issue or goal you have.  You can ask for answers on any area of your life, including relationships, money and abundance, soulmates, health, past life issues and spiritual issues.



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Psychic Reading / Angel Reading

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Have fun and many Angel Blessings. xoxo, Nikki