spirit attachment releasement

The process I use to remove an Entity, Ghost or Spirt is a very powerful yet gentle one, and it gets results.

I use several tools to investigate the property including EMF and dowsing to detect anomalies.  I do need you present to see if the attachment is attached to the property or attached to you

 ~ a spirit can attach itself to YOU –  not all attachments are bad – most times you call them in without even knowing it, but you do need to let them all go for ultimate health in mind, body and spirit.

If the attachment is on your property I will go ahead and do the clearing using a powerful ritual walking the Nine Star Path as well as using either smoke saging, or if you cannot tolerate smoke, I will brew a sage tea and spray it where I would direct the smoke.  I will also use salt to set boundaries.  I will call in the grandfather spirits, angels and guides to bring the blessings you would like to start flowing into your life.  This clearing and blessing can be performed in any house or apartment, an entire building or a piece of land or property.

If the spirit is attached to you, I can go ahead and remove it from you but the process is different from a house or property clearing.  We can discover where and when it came to you if you are interested in that as well.  At times in our childhood, we often call in these spirits if we are sad, lonely, abused or frightened and these spirits become our friends.  But just as suffering can become your friend if you depend on it long enough, the spirit needs to be cleared so you can live a life that is your own and be in a happy body, mind and spirit.  The process of removing a spiritual attachment is often an emotional one.  Do not worry, this is nothing like the exorcisms you may have seen in the movies or on tv.  This is a gentle process.

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Entity, Ghost or Spirit Removal Session



xoxo, Nikki