Energy Clearing Meditation

Energy Clearing Meditation 


Use this energy clearing meditation to clear karma, clear past vows, clear contracts, clear attachments, oaths, lower frequencies and much more.

It is optimal to be in a relaxed state and a place where you can say this energy clearing meditation out loud. You can say this once or daily if you prefer.  You will feel the shift in energy immediately. Please get out your tissue box because this technique is very powerful and may bring up a lot of emotions, especially when you release programs of abandonment or loneliness.  

Note:  You may experience extreme tingling of your body while saying this energy clearing meditation.  Do not be frightened, it is your energy body being cleared!

Say out loud:

“I let the vibration of love, unconditional love and receiving open up my field now.  I surrender to the possibility of what can shift and manifest right now.

I call in my spiritual guides, angels, and the Universe to assist me now.  I clear all areas of control in my field that are not of my own will.  I clear and neutralize all attachments and karma that I have not chosen.  I clear all expectations, agendas, covenants, bad karma, negative contracts, vows, oaths, promises, lower frequencies and influences.

I clear any energy interference patterns, whether created or natural, any magnetic, electro, solar, or galactic – both universal and astrological influences.  I clear, negate and bring all energy patterns to a clean energy right now.

I activate my divine birthright right now.  I release all the burdens of past and any profiles of abandonment.

I release all loneliness and separation.

I affirm that Source energy is supportive of me now and always.

I clear victimization energy, drama energy, and process it out and release it right now.

I re-script and re-frame any timelines that block my joy and happiness now.

I release any negative consequences of my past permanently and I choose to close the books of negativity.  I transmute that negativity into joy and love and I write a new story from this moment on.

I call in the blue light spiraling down from the infinite – from all directions, all space, all time, and dimensions to awaken and activate the basic soul essence of who I am and who I came to be in this dimension on this plane and this lifetime.

I release the natural free flowing abundance that is inherent in every molecule of this universe and reality both seen and unseen and let it flow into my life and my being.

Right now I transmute all separation from source energy and move that into complete oneness with source.

I clear and surrender anything and everything that would inhibit or stop my light body from absorbing the highest and best frequencies or this energy of clearing right now.

I call in the pink healing rays, and I spiral them into to my physical body,  into each cell to heal any part of my physical body that needs it –  known or unknown.

I  awaken the healing abilities of my immune system and body to repair itself now.

I clear all cellular imprints, and memories of frequency and energy patterns that negatively affect me, and that no longer serve me in this dimension or those that have kept me in bondage until now.  I now release those.

I call in turquoise energy up from earth.  I create a vortex of this energy around me right now.  This vortex surrounds me now and burns up any negative cellular memories and traumas that are stuck in my energy fields and that are stuck in the muscles and tissues and of my body.  I release that  now.

I call in the indigo healing rays  now, and they clear up, clean up and repair the genetic codes on my mother’s and father’s side in all dimensions, all at once right now.  The indigo healing rays are now cleaning up my RNA and DNA.  I ask that the indigo healing rays now go down into the emotional essence of my genetic coding and rewrite it to reflect the brilliant being of who I came to be and express.

I release all core patterns ingrained and encoded in my frequencies now.  I now allow myself to be rewired to allow exquisite joy, ease, ecstasy, unconditional love, fun, friendship, partnership, romantic happiness, companionship, blessings, and infinite, limitless abundance to its full expression beginning now for the rest of my life and that of my genetic lineage in all time, all space and all dimensions.  Thank You and So It Is.”

Please let me know how what you experienced while using  this energy clearing meditation by commenting below.

xoxo, NIkki

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