Create a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl – Do It Yourself

feng-shui-wealth_bowlOne of Feng Shui’s fun do it yourself projects is creating a feng shui wealth bowl to stimulate income, opportunities and blessings into your life.  Read below to see where to place your bowl in 2013 for extra added windfall of wealth!


If you’ve read about feng shui wealth vases, you may have been exhausted by all the rules to making one.  Forget all the rules when making this weath bowl.  You can create your wealth bowl using a number of auspicious items that you probably have around your house.  This wealth bowl is meant to be displayed out in the open.  Many clients display them in the living room or by their cash registers at their businesses.

Fill any bowl with a mixture of the following suggested items or any items that represent wealth to you:

  • Faux diamonds
  • Natural crystals (these raise the vibration and energy of your bowl and intentions)
  • gemstones
  • a figure of your zodiac sign
  • gold ingot
  • gold painted stones
  • lucky Chinese coins
  • garden soil from the yard of a successful person or business – (put in red envelope and seal and put it in your bowl)
  • water from the faucet of a successful business or successful person’s home (fill a small plastic or glass bottle or jar and put it in your wealth bowl)
  • Real money
  • a golden Buddha

When you are done filling your bowl you should place the bowl in the 6 star position or anywhere in your living room.  This year the White 6 star is in the northwest corner – a corner that is meant for metal and gemstones.  The northwest is always a great place to put your wealth bowl, but in 2013 you have an added bonus that the windfall star is in this sector and placing your wealth bowl in the northwest will activate the 6 star to bring about opportunities, income and blessings into your life!

Try it and let me know how it works for you.