Can Angels Talk To You?

Can Angels Talk To You?

Angels Joan_of_ArcAngels CAN talk to you and guide you in many different ways.  Some ways are direct and some are indirect.  I bet you have experienced communication with your Angels without even knowing it. The more you call on your Angels for help and guidance, the more you will notice their responses.

The Angels are absolutely delighted when you call on them.  From now on, start talking to them and asking them for help (even if it’s to open up a space in the lane next to you on the freeway so you can merge!).  The more you interact with your Angels, the more you will experience everyday miracles.

 If Angels Can Talk To You, Then How Do You Hear Them?

There will be times that you may actually hear your name called if they are trying to distract you from a dangerous situation or when they are trying to get your immediate attention. Your Angels may also decide to talk to you directly in your dreams to give you information or to answer questions that you have asked, but Angels also use more subtle methods to talk to you.

Which method of communication from the Angels have you experienced?

1. Intuition

The Angels are very crafty and use your “intuition” to give you answers and guidance.  I bet you have experienced messages from your angels by having a “gut” feeling about something.  It can be something like, “turn around”, “run”, “talk to him” or you may get a commanding thought telling you what direction to go.  Have you ever had the feeling to take a different path on a walk or a drive home from work only to find someone or something needing your help (like a animal)?  These are messages from your Angels.

2. Inspiration / Creative Ideas

Have you ever worked on a project, got stuck, gave up and walked away….only later to get some crazy inspirational solution’s or creative ideas to help you?  You can thank your Angels.  They love giving you ideas and most times you can only receive the inspiration when your mind is relaxed.   They also love giving you solutions in dream time.

Did you know Paul McCartney received the tune for his song “Yesterday” in a dream? Apparently he heard a classical string ensemble playing, woke up and started playing the melody on his piano.  He thought it was the “most magic thing.”

3. Coincidences, Books & Magazines

If you ask for help or answers from the Angels or if the Angels think you need to know something, they will lead you to the answers in places such as a book that falls off the shelf or pops out at you in a store.  You may also be seeking an answer to some problem and you happen to pick up a magazine and read an article on the exact same thing you were talking or thinking about, which gives you the answers you were seeking.

They also give you messages they think you need to hear from so called “random” people they put in your path, or from a “chance’ conversation that you overhear.    I bet there are times this has happened to you and you probably said what a “coincidence!”  In fact it wasn’t a coincidence at all, but the crafty work of your Angels!  The more you are open to them and watch for them, the more you will notice the messages.

5. Divine Intervention


Angels are very helpful in areas such as finding lost objects to literally saving your life if your purpose on Earth hasn’t been fulfilled.  This is an obvious form of communication.  With their actions, they are communicating to you that they exist.

6. Feathers

Angels can leave feathers for you as a sign of their presence, or for confirmation that you are on the right path or in the right place or as a “yes” to your question.  Here is an example. A friend of mine was  hunting for a new house and she asked the Angels to show her the exact perfect one that she should buy.  After looking at what felt like a million houses, upon waking into her future house, she found 3 beautiful white feathers leading from the front door to the kitchen area.

7.  Twinkling Lights In Front Of Your Eyes

Sometimes Angels show up as twinkling lights in front of your eyes.   I speak from personal experience when I tell you that as I went out hunting for a new house, I asked my Angels to give me a sign when I found the right one that would lead me to great neighbors who were part of my soulpod.  In one particular house, I went upstairs toward the master bedroom’s attached patio, and as I went out the door, I saw hundreds of twinkling lights before my eyes.  I thought I was crazy for a minute.  However, at that exact same moment my Realtor said sge saw them too!  Needless to say this was the house for me!

8.  Numbers

When Angels really want to make you stop and take notice, they will send you numbers, especially sequences!  Examples are 111, 222, 333, 444, and so on!  If you’ve ever constantly noticed three or more numbers in a row, then the Angels were trying to get your attention!

The numbers can be almost anywhere.  Look for them on license plates,  billboards, your phone, clocks, etc!  For instance if you keep waking up in the middle of the night and you look at your clock and it always says 444, then the Angels are trying to give you a message.

If you’d like to read in depth about Angel Numbers, then pick up this book by Doreen Virtue. This book has every angel number sequence up to 999, and includes her interpretations. Of course these numbers could mean something totally different to you, but now that these numbers are in the collective conscious, it is likely the interpretations in the book will resonate with you.

 Do you believe you have had communication from Angels?  I would love to hear your stories.  Please post in the comments below!

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