nikki 1Who Am I?  Isn’t that the million dollar question! In a nutshell I’m a Dreamer, Writer, Sensitive, Intuitive, Spirit Messenger, Spiritual Warrior, Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Certified Hypnotherapist, writer, mama and spiritual nomad (among other things) here in my hot town of Phoenix, Arizona who is devoted to teaching people how to follow their intuition, manifest their hearts and create miracles in their own lives.

I’ve been practicing the art of Manifesting since I was a child and I love to share what has worked for me.  

I’m an Intuitive who has been communicating with the Angelic realm and Spirit since I saw my first Angel at the age of 7.  (I know it may sound crazy…and I have no idea how my gift works or why it works…I’m just thankful it works…and I’ll keep sharing as long as I have it.) 

I love sharing messages of hope, faith and love. I truly believe in the power of prayer so you will see lots of prayers on my website.  I believe one reason prayer works so well is because I believe you manifest what you continually focus upon. So use your energy to believe in good things instead of worrying about the bad. That’s my one main tip!



One of my main goals is to help people all over the world up their vibes and uplevel their frequency to attract and create a good and happy life of their dreams. If you are willing to shift, own your stuff, and take action, you really can have anything you want. 

I truly believe that people who are drawn to me or my work have a reason for doing so. NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE.

This website is an extension of my business and my life,  and it is a way of connecting and keeping in contact with many wonderful and amazing people – existing and potential clients, as well as friends, strangers, colleagues and fellow nomads, gypsy souls and seekers.

Intuitive ability and the ability to see Spirits runs in my bloodline. I come from a line of gypsies who used to roam the Carpathian Mountains and one of my aunts was the town healer in Slovakia.   nikki and e and mMyself and my two daughters all have the gift of Intuition.


Life has always been calling and beckoning me away from the mundane and monotonous, and into the exciting paranormal and supernatural world – with flashing signs always leading me back to working with my Angels and operating my own healing business.


Five themes have played a prominent role in my life:

1. Hilarity.  

Only a God with a sense of humor would give me such crazy plot twists.

god gives us only what we can handle

2. Big Love.  

Not the HBO show kind, but really Big, Gigantic Earth shattering Soulmate Love.  One Epic Soulmate Love (who arrived in the latter half of my life – thank you for finding me, and being persistent and thank you God!)  And three Loves who prepared me for my Big Soulmate Love.  You know who you are.  All of those I’ve loved were a reflection of myself at the time…all I attracted to work out my own personal issues (as we all do!).  God it was a rough, heartbreaking, soul crushing path but every dark night of the soul was a part of a big breakthrough. 


3. Big Loss.  

What goes up must come down.  My heart has been broken open more times than I care to admit.  I have experienced one  really devastating divorce where I was left homeless and penniless.  I’ve been there, but I am a testament to keeping the faith.  The lessons I learned were through suffering but they were the deepest lessons I have learned to date.  The one gift of being broken is that the cracks let the light shine into the darker places.


4.  Spirituality and  alternative therapies.
chapel of holy cross sedona

Sedona – Chapel of the Holy Cross – one of my favorite places!

To expand my awareness, increase my wisdom and to help myself and in turn the lives of others. This is where becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Master and Feng Shui Consultant comes into play.  My grounded practical side helped me  earn a Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University and I’ve worked in the corporate world in technology companies (yawn) and non-profit organizations.  However, my life has been full of insane plot twists, wild rides and huge pointing arrows toward working in the field where my true talent lies.  This is a reminder to everyone out there that your path will always beckon and call to you, but you have to have the courage to drop what other people think you should do and embrace what calls to your heart. 


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5.  Angels, the Paranormal and the Supernatural.

Every house I have ever lived in has been haunted.  I have had the pleasure of terrifying experiences with a Raggedy Ann doll, pianos playing by themselves, washers and dryers going on and off by themselves, doors slamming, lights swinging, whispers in the night and so much more. On the bright side,

my first visual visitation from an angel occurred when I was 7, which was both terrifying and amazing at the same time.   

 I absolutely know that I have been protected in many compromising situations where I should not be alive. 

It is no accident that you arrived here.  You’ve arrived for a reason.  What are you searching for?  What help do you need?  Either I can help you or I know someone who can.  All you have to do is give me a call or email me.

My business is an evolving, living, breathing work of art that is slowly being formed and sculpted in response to my client’s needs and tastes, as well as to mine.  Life unfolds one story at a time.  I hope that I may  help you on your path in some way, even if it’s for a laugh, a hug, encouragement, or a complete outright miracle or transformation.


If-You-re-Going-Through-Hell-Winston-Churchill-If you are struggling with an issue at this time, please read this  favorite quote of mine.  There have been plenty of hell’s in my life and at times I wanted to give up and opt off the planet.  The bravest thing I ever did was to keep going.  So if you are going through hell, keep going.  You are needed and there is grander plan in mind for you.


May your road have surprising unexpected blessings of every variety at every turn, inexplicable joys, changes that inspire quiet awe, eccentric enchantments, unplanned jubilations, deep kisses that take your breath away, fulfilled promises of later, strange adventures, midnight swims, raucous laughter, lavish beauty and pure decadence!  xoxo, Nikki Boruch, C.Ht.