2015 Energy Forecast – Year of Manifestation

manifestation_of_light_by_eddiecalz-d7fk0u4Here is my energy forecast for 2015 darlings.  It’s the year of Manifestation!

Yay – 2015 is here! I feel this is going to be a great year for a lot of you out there! The energies of 2015 are all about  helping you manifest extremely quickly.  You may have already noticed this, I know I have!  Be careful what you wish for and what you focus on this year!  If you don’t know what you want, figure it out quickly or life will give you random mish-mosh!  Be specific, set lofty goals and I say go for the outrageous!

You may have had a physical purge at the end of 2014 or the first couple of weeks of 2015.  What has gone from your life was meant to go. This leaves room for new things to come in.  The new things that are coming in are what you have asked for.  This is the year of movement and what you desire. What is within you (what you focus on) is going to be manifest in your physical reality.

Don’t hold onto negative things this year!  Don’t hold onto anger, fear, jealously, negative people or hate this year for too long.  Since this is a year we are quickly manifesting, holding onto negative things or emotions for a long period of time will only bring more negative things into your life. My advice is to let yourself feel your emotions, work through them and then let them go.

Right now, look at what’s appeared in your life… what’s there is matching what you have been focusing on. Don’t like what’s showing up in your life?  You can change it!  Work on upgrading your life and self.  How?  Find a way to get in a better frame of mind. Focus on love, on beauty, and on what you’re grateful for.  Make those vision boards. Take those glorious bubble baths.  Savor the good things, including good people, unexpected surprises, good food, good drink, beauty, nature and art. Give to someone else, especially your time, kind words and love.  Once you do, you’ll see how fast it is reciprocated back to you.

Yes, there will be times when you’re depressed, when you may be contemplating why you’re even alive or why bad things happen. But know that everyone has these feelings and its completely normal. When you’re going through hell…keep going.  Allow yourself to get mad or sad. Allow yourself to cry and eat chocolate and watch terribly sad movies. Get those emotions out – don’t bottle them up!   Tomorrow will be a new day.  In my opinion, you couldn’t truly feel overwhelming love, or appreciate the exquisite beauty of life without also having felt the extreme depths of sadness or have witnessed the ugliness of life.  Appreciate it all. Cherish it all.

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